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AnditAutomazione distributes Koike thermal cutting installations in Italy: portable machines, pantographs for oxygen lance cutting, photocell pantographs as well as oxygen lance cutting and plasma portals or of a combined type.

Koike Sanso and Andit Automazione have always faced the market and sheet metal problems as a search for the most efficient and productive automated solutions, under all the circumstances that would involve expensive and inaccurate preparations as well as manual work cycles or "restarts" if using traditional means.

Koike is focussing its constant technological research and innovation on greater and greater user-friendliness, even for the most complex equipment and it is concentrating its own efforts to make the operator's action more accessible, simple and immediate by means of electronics specifically designed and manufactured for oxygas and plasma cutting.
As a consequence, it is not using standard numeric controls for general applications, but conveying its own production the experience acquired in over 75 years of activity in the field.