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Gloor Bros Ltd.


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Gloor Bros Ltd is a company set up in 1935. By constantly renewing its production cycles and by adding technological innovations, it has now become a well-established leader on the worldwide market.

The range of current products covers a large variety of inflammable gas applications in the welding and depressurising fields.
For welding, Gloor offers complete handicraft units, more complex machinery for professional use, optical and electronic control cutting machines for industry, including propane and compressed air systems. In the depressurising field, which is more and more important for production, pressure regulators are used whenever the compressed gases from high-pressure tanks or cylinders are to reach a special operation pressure. Gloor pressure reducers are used not only for well-known applications, such as oxyacetylene and inert gas shielded arc-welding, but also in various sectors, such as lab applications, industry, medical technology and complete modular systems for centralised plants.

Gloor products are manufactured and assembled by using modern machines and quality control systems according to ISO 9000 standards.
All production, including the one in compliance with the customers' specifications, is constantly improved and in response to new market requirements, items are designed and accomplished starting from the marketing ideas of a specialised team of Gloor engineers and technicians, whose know-how is one of the most up-to-date.